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Limited Editions has been conceived to offer a refined and unparalleled experience of contemporary and modern Indian art to the client, collector and public alike. Focusing exclusively on the medium of printmaking, we bring a niche collection of limited edition works and expertise to you. By doing so we focus on making the works of the masters in this field more accessible and affordable, while propagating a better understanding of the technical and stylistic aspects of their work. 


At Limited Editions, we work towards balancing and addressing the desires and demands of both- the artist and the collector. 


Our core intention is to benefit and contribute to the field of printmaking, and help it develop as both- a medium of artistic expression and expertise, and a viable source of investment. Our own background in the artistic and creative realms ensures we do so with a comprehensive understanding of the field, and with a clear vision and authenticity. 


In line with this, Limited Editions works has outlined 3 core objectives that guide our efforts, initiatives and offerings. 

  1. Develop Access to, and Reach of, the Finest Contemporary and Modern Indian Art

  2. Offer Greater Value to Artists

  3. Inform, Education and Appreciate the Value of Printmaking

1. Develop Access to and Reach of the Finest Contemporary and Modern Indian Art

Limited Edition prints appreciate in value akin to singular works, but offer the added advantage of being dramatically more affordable. This allows us to focus on and build a broader audience for these works, working with young professionals and seasoned collectors alike. 


By emerging as a brand synonymous with carefully curated, high quality limited edition prints from the leading figures in contemporary and modern Indian art, we bring a peace of mind that allows buyers to be assured of authenticity and provenance of the work acquired.  


Our own roots run deep in this field, allowing us to create inspiring catalogues and portfolios, that set the bar in contemporary and modern Indian fine prints.


2. Offer Greater Value to Artists 

By developing a broader and more informed audience, Limited Editions seeks to establish a stable demand that benefits the artist. 


Our focus lies on expanding the market for fine prints in a way that does not conflict with the artist’s existing relationships with galleries and auction houses. Working exclusively with limited edition works (versus singular), we offer a niche platform that carves out its own relationship and reach to new clients and collectors. We also offer in

house services to the artist, including a world class printmaking studio in Vadodara, Gujarat. 


In addition to this, we seek to benefit the artist through sharing a greater portion of the revenue. We have a state of art, externally audited system to track works in order to ensure their authenticity and prevent misuse. Offer access to track any sales, we create a transparent interface with the artist. 


3. Inform, Educate and Appreciate the Value of Printmaking

Printmaking is a technical medium that allows expression through a language of marks and tones of infinite variation. Our efforts to introduce a more comprehensive understanding of printmaking and its nuances supplements our core intentions and objectives. 


By working to inform and educate a new audience, we help expand our base as well as reinforce the value and appreciation of these works.  It also allows us to further encourage new talent and efforts in the field, putting the medium and its possibilities first. Placing an emphasis on the artist and their technical and stylistic signature, we hope to create a greater awareness of the breadth and scope of this space.


We also work in sync with the Purushottam Public Trust - the non-profit academic arm of our endeavour- to encourage new milestones in printmaking and contemporary Indian art.

Spearheaded by dynamic architect duo- Radhika Dhumal and Rahul Subberwal, Limited Editions is an independent enterprise that works closely with leading artists, to bring you exceptional work and opportunities in contemporary and modern Indian art. 


Hailing from a creative background with lovingly nurtured and extensive roots in the artistic fraternity, art and printmaking is an expression they hold close to their home and heart. They bring this love and passion for fine prints- and the unparalleled access they have to these- to a wider audience with Limited Editions. 


Working out of Delhi and Vadodara, they conceived Limited Editions as a homage to and a celebration of printmaking in its most refined forms. Their office in Delhi - The Architectural Studio- houses a fascinating catalogue of works, with a state of the art printmaking studio located in Vadodara.



Radhika Dhumal, Principal Architect (The Architectural Studio) and Historic Buildings Conservator



Rahul Subberwal, Principal Architect (The Architectural Studio)

Advisory Board

Rini Dhumal, Painter & Printmaker

P. D. Dhumal, Printmaker & Retired Head of the Printmaking Department (M.S. University)

Mukti Khaire, Author and Professor (Cornell University)

Samir Patil, Entrepreneur and Founder (

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Curate Your Collection

Whether you are a collector or an art enthusiast, each work you aquire is a piece of history- a moment in the life of the artist, often mirroring the spirit or concerns of the time and space around them. Further, the value of these works can appreciate over time, making artwork a sound investment that does more than enhance the aesthetics of a space! When choosing the art you aquire, making informed decisions about the artist, style, period and particular works can help you optimise your investment and collection.  At Limited Edition, we are happy to help you negotiate these choices, and get broader vision on your purchase and the collection you seek to build. We work with private organisations and collectors, as well as public bodies and institutions, offering our in-depth knowledge of printmaking and the artists that push the boundaries with it. 


Private Commission 

Limited Editions works closely with the artists to encourage and bring forth new limited edition prints to its clients. If you would like to commission an edition for your private collection or for corporate gifting, we can help curate and organise this for you. Our access and connection with the artists helps us not only realise your desired commission, but also recommend new artists and styles you may want to explore. Working with singular or multiple artists, as per the case at hand, we can help add value and unique works to your collection. 

Corporate Gifting

Beyond its catalogue of select fine prints, Limited Editions also publishes portfolios and books that bring together the ideas and impressions of leading names in contemporary and modern Indian art. Focusing exclusively on printmaking, these portfolios of works and books bring together a rich and unique set of work that is seldom found in one place. They are distinct as well as prized, making them ideal for corporate gifting. We also curate catalogues of selected works for corporates gifting, and are happy to discuss the possibilities with you. 

Printmaking Workshops and Events

Putting art first, one of our core objectives focuses on the information and understanding available to our audience- particularly with regards to the discipline of printmaking. We seek to inform our clients about a print and the techniques involved, turning the spotlight onto the artist and their work. Taking this intention a step further, Limited Editions works with various organisations and allies- including the Purushottam Public Trust, Vadodara- to bespoke events, talks and lectures, and workshops.


Encouraging a greater awareness of this field of artistic expression, we bring new understanding and interest to a diverse, broader audience ranging from students to connoisseurs, clients to the general public. We are open to collaborations and joint efforts in this endeavour, and invite you to reach out if you have an event or workshop in mind.

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